The Ready to Retire Process

Helping you cut through the confusion and create a CLEAR plan for financial independence.
Our trademarked retirement process

1) You Share Your Financial Needs and Desires

– Your income need in retirement
– Your ideas about how you will spend your time
– Any Areas where special attention is needed

2) We Share Our Principles and Strategies

– Understanding the challenges of retirement
– Learning the proven methods for addressing them
– Delivering our collective experience

3) Your Team Of Advisors Goes to Work

– Creating your plan: “On Paper, On Purpose”
– Addressing the “Three Big Risks”
– Outliving your money
– The rising cost of living
– Volatile markets

4) We Collaborate to help you harness "The Power of More"

– Optimize Social Security
– Recommend “Ready to Retire” Investments
– Search the options for healthcare
– Help create your family legacy plan

5) Our Relationship Continues

– Summarizing everything in plain language
– Implementation
– Begin drawing income on your schedule
– Tax withholding
– Avoiding the 50% retirement penalty of RMDs
– Annual check-ins
– Tracking your progress
– Managing your strategy

Dedicated Retirement Teams

Retirement planning from every angle.

You’ve probably heard it said, teamwork makes the dream work. When a team of people come together using their strengths to achieve a common purpose, the outcome often feels like nothing short of magic. This couldn’t be truer for us when it comes to the financial planning we do for our clients. Everything each member of your dedicated retirement team does always points back to the financial plan. This is the approach we take when a lead advisor comes alongside associate advisors and operation specialists with each person contributing their talents. And the result of the collaboration is a financial plan that is truly as unique as the client for whom it was designed and built. That’s also why when life happens, any person on your dedicated retirement team can help get you the answers you need.

The GenWealth Difference


From Elusive to Enlightened

Financial matters can be complex, but they don’t have to be. When people understand their money, their God-given financial purpose becomes more achievable.


Your Guidebook Matters

An investment isn’t a plan but rather a vehicle used to arrive at a destination. Using your clearly defined retirement goals, we create a personalized financial plan that serves as the roadmap for your journey.


Aligned with Purpose

Your dedicated retirement team is a coalition of unique strengths and talents that is used for an intended outcome – to help you move forward financially.

The 6 D’s Of Wise Investing



The proper allocation of your money to a carefully selected variety of asset classes is the foundation of the GenWealth Investment Strategy.  We do not recommend investments into a single stock or a highly concentrated group of individual securities.  Independent research shows that over 90 percent of a portfolio’s performance is driven by its asset allocation policy. Skills such as security selection and market timing, which are highly touted by some advisors, make a relatively small difference in long-term performance.



Refusing to be swayed by short-term performance, the GenWealth Investment Strategy employs a long-term, disciplined view of the market. One study suggests that short-term volatility and over-exaggerated media reports are the primary causes of the average investor making moves with their money, which in turn may then cause average portfolio performance to be BELOW that of the actual investment itself.



Every portfolio and, in fact, every investment is subject to some kind of risk.  The GenWealth Investment Strategy has at its disposal, a number of methods to reduce certain risks to our client’s portfolio, depending on your individual situation.



DCA, for short, is the practice of buying more shares of an investment while the market is down and fewer when prices are higher.  It is employed with our “accumulator” clients who are building their portfolios through a systematic investment program.  For clients who have already accumulated a significant nest-egg, our rebalance program offers a method to internally “dollar cost average” inside your portfolio.



By utilizing tax-deferred investments like IRAs and Roth IRAs, along with tax-efficient portfolios and tax-free income vehicles when appropriate, the GenWealth Investment Strategy looks to decrease your tax burden.



With prices increasing an average of 3 to 4 percent per year historically, every successful investment program must have a goal of outperforming inflation.  The GenWealth Investment Strategy understands this and takes the impact of inflation into account when crafting a specific program for our clients.