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Building Wealth

The best plans account for the present and the future.

If you're only ever worried about what happens next, you don't get to enjoy life now.

Even if financial independence feels a long way down the road, you’ll never get to where you’re going unless you start from where you are. Balancing life and money can be a complicated task, but the simple fact is that time is the most powerful resource for cultivating the future you deserve. And the best part? You get to decide what it looks like!

The GenWealth Ready to Retire Process®

Start With Your Goals

You’re unique, so your financial plan should be too. First, through collaboration with your advisor, you establish your Lifestyle Plan. This helps you identify the needs you must have, the wants you’d like to have, and wishes that you dream about.  After all, isn’t planning just a blueprint to turn your dreaming into action? 

Next, craft your plan together

You’ve got big goals, and it’s our job to help put you on the right path to achieve them! The next step in the process is to work together with your advisor to craft a financial plan that is unique to you and your goals.

Things we account for in this step:

Finally, test and adjust your plan

“How can I be certain I’ll reach all of my goals?” Unfortunately, because future returns are unpredictable, no one can be certain.  They can be more confident. Here’s how: First, your advisor runs your retirement plan through literally 1,000 different scenarios to determine a confidence score. Then, if that number isn’t something you’re quite comfortable with, you have the ability to play with different variables in your plan like savings rate, spending, or major purchase until you do feel comfortable. The good news is that your plan is a living, breathing thing that can be updated and changed as life unfolds.

Ready to Start Building Your Plan?

Resources to help you balance life and Money

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