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To provide wise, knowledgeable counsel through trusted advisors in order for our clients to realize
their God-given financial purpose in their lives and to assist them in leaving a legacy for generations to come.  



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Financial Planning

No one builds a home without a set of blueprints.

Learn more about Financial Planning. 



Income Planning

One of the biggest fears for someone in retirement is running out of money before they run out of time. Learn more about the Income for Life Model.  




By rolling over your retirement plan to an IRA account with GenWealth Financial advisors, you have the opportunity to work with an advisor to properly invest your account. Learn more. 



Risk Management

Limiting losses in  volatile market is advantageous to any portfolio.  Learn more. 



Portfolio Management

GenWealth Financial Advisors assist in the creation a unique financial portfolios.  Learn more.



Asset Allocation

Get the best performance out of your portfolio with asset allocation.  Learn more.  



Accumulation Planning

Large Oak trees start as small acorns, just as successful retirement programs start out small. Learn more.



Asset Protection

Protect the wealth you worked so hard to accumulate with  your personal protection plan.  Learn more.



Estate Planning

Avoid probate costs and estate taxes with the help of a well defined estate-planning process. Learn more.


The 6 D’s Of Wise Investing



The proper allocation of your money to a carefully selected variety of asset classes is the foundation of the GenWealth Investment Strategy.  We do not recommend investments into a single stock or a highly concentrated group of individual securities.  Independent research shows that over 90 percent of a portfolio’s performance is driven by its asset allocation policy. Skills such as security selection and market timing, which are highly touted by some advisors, make a relatively small difference in long-term performance.



Refusing to be swayed by short-term performance, the GenWealth Investment Strategy employs a long-term, disciplined view of the market. One study suggests that short-term volatility and over-exaggerated media reports are the primary causes of the average investor making moves with their money, which in turn may then cause average portfolio performance to be BELOW that of the actual investment itself.





Every portfolio and, in fact, every investment is subject to some kind of risk.  The GenWealth Investment Strategy has at its disposal, a number of methods to reduce certain risks to our client’s portfolio, depending on your individual situation.



DCA, for short, is the practice of buying more shares of an investment while the market is down and fewer when prices are higher.  It is employed with our “accumulator” clients who are building their portfolios through a systematic investment program.  For clients who have already accumulated a significant nest-egg, our rebalance program offers a method to internally “dollar cost average” inside your portfolio.





By utilizing tax-deferred investments like IRAs and Roth IRAs, along with tax-efficient portfolios and tax-free income vehicles when appropriate, the GenWealth Investment Strategy looks to decrease your tax burden.



With prices increasing an average of 3 to 4 percent per year historically, every successful investment program must have a goal of outperforming inflation.  The GenWealth Investment Strategy understands this and takes the impact of inflation into account when crafting a specific program for our clients.