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Ready to Retire

You've worked too hard to live on less.

A Plan Unique To You

You’ve spent your entire life working and saving up for your golden years. But making sure you don’t run out of money can be a complex task, and drawing income from what you’ve worked so hard to save is a bit daunting.  We get it! You want to enjoy retirement, not just exist in it. That’s why, through the GenWealth Ready to Retire Process, we’ll work together to determine the income required to meet your basic needs each month and the income desired to help you live out your ideal retirement. Then, we’ll build a financial plan that brings together all the intricate details of creating that income, including maximizing Social Security, defending against taxes, and more. But financial independence doesn’t mean going it alone, so we’ll be by your side to walk with you as you apply it to your life and help you make adjustments as needed. 

The GenWealth Ready to Retire Process®

  • Create a written plan

    Traditionally, financial advisors have focused solely on investment management. There’s a big problem with this, though: when their clients reach retirement, they can be left to figure out for themselves how to turn their managed investments into an income stream. You deserve more. You deserve a written plan on paper, on purpose that accounts for all the complexities of retirement.

  • Maximize Social Security

    Social Security is foundational to retirement, but it can be confusing. The decisions you make today can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. With about 2,700 rules that govern Social Security, do you know how to maximize your benefit?

  • Consider a Hybrid Retirement

    There’s a common misconception that work has to be either on or off – that once you retire you can never work another day in your life. But, in reality, it’s not so black and white. “Work-tirement” can add years to your life and your money. Whether that fits into your ideal retirement is entirely up to you!

  • Protect Against Inflation

    Even during low periods of inflation, the effect of rising prices erodes the purchasing power of your money. For example, at a 3% inflation rate, a $2 cup of coffee would cost nearly double that in 20 years. While this may not seem like a big deal, consider how that same inflation rate could impact your assets. A reduction of your purchasing power by as much as 50% over your lifetime in retirement is truly a loss that you can’t recover from.

  • Secure Guaranteed Lifetime Income

    The most important number in retirement isn’t how much you have saved, but how much income you need each month. You shouldn’t have to question whether or not your basic needs will be met in retirement. You need a solid foundation to provide you with regular, predictable income.

  • Plan for Long-Term Care

    Nearly half of Americans will need some sort of long-term care in their lifetime. While we hope that you never have to face chronic health problems in retirement, that’s not something you want to leave up to chance. The point of a plan is to give you options in the case that these circumstances arise.

  • Defend Against Taxes

    You can spend your entire life saving for retirement, but when the time comes, will you be prepared for the possible taxes that come with drawing income from your investments? You see, your tax rate may vary widely over the years. The timing and order in which you use different sources of money to pay for living expenses can make a major impact!


Economic Outlook 2024

A Path through the forest

In unstable financial terrain, John and Scott are bringing clarity about market trends for 2024 and more importantly what it means to you! 

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