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Debt ceiling: Financial advisor says ‘no asset is really safe’ from default

with less than two weeks until the debt limit ex-date concern around a default is growing, how can investors continue to build wealth amid all this uncertainty? We find out with our next guest, John Shrewsbury, GenWealth Financial Advisors’ co-owner and managing principal.

Credit card ‘should be a last resort as U.S. household debt hits record Q1 high: Financial advisor

American household debts have surpassed a record $17 trillion this year, with credit card balances totaling more than $900 billion. And this quarter marked the first time in more than 20 years that credit card debt did not decrease, signaling that fewer folks are paying down their balances. This is consumers are increasingly turning to credit cards to make ends meet. A report from TransUnion shows the average American’s card balance is up by 14% compared to the year prior.

8 Retirement Planning Tips Everyone Can Learn From the FIRE Movement

Over 39% of Americans want to retire before the age of 63, according to a recent GOBankingRates survey of 997 adults. Retiring early isn’t a recent fad — it’s the main goal behind the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement.

But what if you don’t plan on retiring early, how can the FIRE movement help you? Here are several FIRE principles you can still follow, according to financial experts.

3 Broad Strategies You Can Take Right Now To Fight Inflation

There’s no question that inflation affects your retirement plans. With year-over-year prices rising more than 9%, you are quite correct in wondering what you can do about it. What can you do to protect your retirement from inflation?

Financial professionals from across the country looked at the most asked questions. Their answers revealed three easy steps you can (and should) immediately start if you’re concerned with rising prices.

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