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Americans FLUNK Basic Social Security Quiz

Scott Inman

Americans Fail Basic Social Security Knowledge Quiz

A new survey tells us that we need more education about a vital piece to our retirement income. An online poll commissioned by MassMutual asked 1,500 Americans ages 55-65, 13 true or false basic questions about Social Security. 41% of respondents failed, getting less than 55% of the answers correct. Less than 1% aced the quiz. Only 2% received an A grade, 7% a B, and just 13% got a C.

70% Correct on Spousal Benefit Questions

Examples of the true/false statements include: “If I have a spouse and he or she passes away, I will receive both my full benefit and my deceased spouse’s full benefit.” This is false – 70% correctly answered this.

Most Don’t Understand Solvency Issues

Another question was “Under current law, Social Security benefits could be reduced by 20% or more for everyone by 2035.” This is true, but only 58% got this vital question right.

40% Expect Social Security to Be Largest Retirement Income Source

The same survey asked respondents what they believe will be their biggest retirement income source. 40% said Social Security, showing Americans on the verge of retirement are unprepared to make Social Security decisions.

63% Think Retirement Money Will Run Out in 20 Years

Additional questions revealed how little retirement income planning most people have done. 36% think their income will last 0-10 years in retirement; 27% said 11-20 years. That’s 63% who believe their money will run out in 20 years or less.

When asked if their plans account for inflation and volatility, only 20% said yes. 80% answered no, “I hope so,” or “I have no idea”. Having a written retirement plan with a financial advisor would provide clarity.

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