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True Financial Independence

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Congratulations! You’re well on your way to discovering, protecting, and sharing TRUE financial independence. We want you to know exactly what to expect before you meet with our team, so below you’ll find everything you need to know before your next appointment, whether it’s your first or third!


What To Expect

Before you step through our doors or click to join a virtual meeting, we want you to know we’re so happy you’re here.  Here’s what you can look forward to!

Meeting 1

The first time you meet with an advisor at GenWealth is likely to be different than any other interaction you’ve previously had with advisors. With us, it’s all about you. In this appointment, we work to figure out what true financial independence means to you – your hopes, dreams, and greatest fears when it comes to retirement. This will help us build a plan specifically for you! Another thing you should know: it’s completely free.

Important Documents To Bring:

Dream Retirement Builder

A guide specifically made to help you organize your financial information and help us make the most out of our first visit.
Download Here

Social Security Statement

Step-by-step directions on how you get a copy of your most recent Social Security statement.
Get Your Statement

Meeting 2

After your first meeting, your advisor will prepare your personalized financial plan. During your second meeting, they’ll review your plan and any investment recommendations they have to help you work toward your financial goals. They’ll walk you through any fees associated with any investment accounts discussed, too, so you’ll have complete transparency through the process.

Meeting 3

In your third appointment, you’ll meet with your advisor to review any updates or changes made to the plan discussed previously. This meeting may include signing paperwork, initiating transfers, etc.

Begin your journey toward
TRUE Financial Independence

Frequently Asked Questions

In our capacity working with a registered investment advisor (Independent Advisor Alliance), we are held to a fiduciary standard of loyalty and care, which means that we are legally and ethically obligated to always act in the best interests of our clients. This fiduciary duty includes providing advice that is suitable and appropriate for each client, disclosing any conflicts of interest that may arise, and placing our clients’ needs ahead of our own. In our capacity working with commissionable products (through LPL Financial) we work in the best interest of our clients. In short, at GenWealth, we take our responsibility to our clients seriously.

It all depends on your plan and the investment recommendations made. Because our planning process is so unique to each individual, we can’t say one specific, “this is how we’re paid,” because different investment accounts behave differently. Rest assured, during your second appointment, your advisor will go over any fees and compensation associated with your specific plan so there are no surprises!

Great question! We encourage everyone to ask this no matter which advisor they’re seeing. At GenWealth, we’re team-delivered, so we’ve got a great team backing up each and every one of our advisors. If something happens, we’ve got a plan in place for who takes care of your accounts, answers your questions, and meets with you in the interim.

Economic Outlook 2024

A Path through the forest

In unstable financial terrain, John and Scott are bringing clarity about market trends for 2024 and more importantly what it means to you! 

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