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Stephanie Smith

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Stephanie came to GenWealth after serving 27 years at the Social Security Administration. When she was hired for her former position, the administration was looking for someone who could maintain a lot of facts, figures, and regulations while also enjoying the duty of helping people. Stephanie is thrilled and amused that the position she will fill for GenWealth as our resident Social Security Consultant also aligns with what she did for the Social Security Administration. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to increase her bandwidth of knowledge to help with more than social security retirement and disability complexities here at GenWealth.

Stephanie and her husband, Jason, have participated in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Legacy Journey classes at their church. Together they have a daughter, Kaylee. As a family, they enjoy spending time on the lakes of Hot Springs where they live. They also enjoy using their camper, and Stephanie amuses Jason by putting up with his hiking hobby.

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Lead Advisor
Tim Key
Lead Advisor
Faith Young
Client Service Specialist