National Small Business Week – It’s a Celebration!

National Small Business Week is one of our favorite times...

…to recognize the small businesses that have such a BIG impact on our economy. Between 1995 and 2020, small businesses accounted for 12.7 million jobs created (or 62%) while larger enterprises only accounted for 7.9 million (or 38%)*. More than half of Americans either work for or own a small business, and even further, small businesses account for 44% of US economic activity.

Though it feels a little needless to say, our lives would be a lot different if it wasn’t for the hard work and investment of small business owners in communities across the country. As a small business ourselves, we recognize the dedication it takes to build something special from the ground up – that’s what we feel like we’ve done here at GenWealth, and we’re lucky to be in a community full of incredible local businesses!

So, how can you take part and show your support during National Small Business Week?

  • Shop small – making a switch whenever possible to a local business can help support your local economy.
    • Opt for a local coffee shop and skip the Starbucks line.
    • Have dinner at a locally owned restaurant instead of a chain one night this week.
    • Visit a farm stand for fresh produce!
  • If shopping small isn’t in your budget right now, you can support your favorite local businesses by sharing their content on social media!
    • Tell friends and family about promotions at your favorite small businesses.
    • Enter giveaways on social media.
    • Take a moment to leave them a good review!
  • Take some time this week to encourage the entrepreneurs in your life!
    • A handwritten card, a phone call, or even a heartfelt text can go a long way in reminding them of your support.


*Source: Forbes


About GenWealth:

So often, we’ve seen people turned away by firms who look down on those taking their first few steps just because they don’t have enough assets. But everyone has to start somewhere; how can you be expected to get there when you can’t get the help you need (and deserve) here? For over 15 years, John Shrewsbury and Janet Walker have worked to break those barriers of entry to the financial services industry and make financial planning accessible to everyone. From a napkin-drawn dream and 3 original team members, John and Janet have grown GenWealth into one of the leading financial firms in the mid-south! We now have over 40 team members among 7 office locations; we’re home to the longest-running financial talk show in Arkansas; and we’ve been honored with awards like Arkansas Best Places to Work and Best Financial Advisor.

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