Without a plan, all you’ve got
is what’s in your pocket
and the hope that it all works out.

You’ve worked hard to take care of who you love, and what you have. And yet…You may have been taught that having a few dollars stashed away is all you need to feel secure. But what if it’s not enough? 

You’ve worked too hard to live on less.
You deserve more.


What’s The Plan?

A manifesto for your life, your work and what happens next

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In it you'll discover:

  • How the “just in case” mindset is keeping you from your ideal future
  • Why you don’t need to feel wealthy to be secure
  • Why being “good with money” is not a prerequisite to doing more with yours 
  • How to shift your perspective from how to spend your money—to how to spend your time
  • Why doing it yourself is not always a guaranteed path to financial independence

Go from back-up plan - to forward thinking.



John Shrewsbury and Janet Walker

From a handful of clients in 2005 to one of the largest independent financial firms in the south, GenWealth has grown because our clients have come to appreciate our simple, personal, straightforward approach. Over the years, our team has grown from 3 to over 30 members located in 6 cities across the region. 

We believe that your financial plan should be a living, breathing, and evolving series of decisions customized for you and your family that takes what you’ve earned, accumulated, and saved—no matter what that is—and turns it into a system of income for you to continue to live on for years to come. 

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